The O.G. Delta8 cartridge


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Are you looking for a nighttime cure for chronic pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite and confers a heavy body sensation and relief? OG cartridge is certainly your thing then! This Indica dominant blend is the most potent and acts faster.

  1000 mg 1 Gram


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If you’re on a quest for a heavy performance profile from a pure strain that too with a classic taste, consider OG Cartridge! It is a pure Indica cultivator with notes of earth and pine accompanied by a hint of fruity flavors. They will give the exact amount of euphoric and happy feelings. Just a puff from OG Cartridge will confer a pleasant kind of numbly vibe, further helping you sleep peacefully. If you’re one of those constantly dealing with stress, anxiety issues, mood swings, and depressive thoughts, try the OG Cartridge and witness all these problems vanish in just one puff!



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